A Room at the Palace

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A Room at the Palace

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A Room at the Palace is the English version of "Residens Drammensveien 1", a new 2015 addition with 340 pages, 97672 words and 523888 characters.

How often does it happen that someone is trying to do something they might think is impossible? This is the case with the story that unfolds in this book titled "A Room at the Palace". The story is about something that nobody have the chance to experience ever again. You get to read about an unemployed teenager that lives in the city of Moss, in the southern part of Norway, that one day are travelling to the capital and to the Royal Palace in Oslo to seek employment. Almost like a modern Ash Lad fairytale story, that knows lucky in life plays a greater role than what one initially would imagine. It soon turn out that the teenager is allowed to move into, and live at the Royal Palace, and what happening from there on, forms the basis for this book based on this true story.

It's Court Marshal Smith-Kielland that are in charge at the Royal Palace in Oslo, and he provides the teenager with a key to a cosy, spacious room at the main floor in one of the wings at the Royal Palace. With views over the Palace Square and Queen's Park, this must be the bast place to live in the entire Oslo. With an access ID, in pure silver in the pocket, Drammens Road number 1 becomes both King Olav V of Norway and the 17-year old teenager's permanent residence. To get to stay with the King at the Royal Palace with 173 rooms, smack in the middle of Oslo's busiest centre, is a huge leap from living in a small 3 bedroom flat with parents and three brothers on the island of Jeløy in Moss.

Anyone who read this book, will soon realize that the teenager gets a very unique life experience by living at the Royal Palace. Here the author of this book gets to meet the grandchildren of the King, and all others in the Norwegian Royal Family of course. The meeting with King Olav V himself, many prominent guests and other Royals from both UK and elsewhere, who also visited the Royal Palace, are very special. To experience that the King himself did notice the newcomer, and they could soon talk together, and that King Olav V was originally interested in listening about the teenagers upbringing, as well about the Hungarian parents' escape from Hungary in 1956, is memories of a lifetime and incredibly huge experience.

The book has many fun memories from both King's Lodge, the royal winter holiday place near Holmekollen ski jump in Oslo and their summer holiday place at Bygdø King's Farm at beautiful Bygdøy island at the outskirts of Oslo. We will meet late Queen Maud's old ladies-in-waiting, Miss Cooper and Miss Wand that lived at the Royal Palace for most of their life. The 17-year-old becomes good friends with both Misses, and in fact they gets like two lovely and extremely funny aunts. They both sat on a plethora of enjoyable memories from Queen Maud and King Olav childhood times, that they was happy to share with their new friend at the Royal Palace. Many everyday memories is shared in this book. Here we just mentioning the borrowing of King Olav V's Cadillac with driver. How many can tell such true stories from the Royal Palace in Oslo today?

A Room at the Palace is penned by author Anne Selene, and this book is easy to read. It's a book that should be read from A to Z, from chapter one to the end. It's well liked by those who have read it. Photographer Miss Gro Kårsmoli from Moss writes: "The book was very good, a lot I did not know, and fun that it took things from Refsnes entrained. Enjoyed collectively the reflections of everything, thought it was nicely put together. So all praise for the book !!!." Journalist Torgeir Snilsberg at Moss Avis writes: "A real Feel-Good book!". "I will not say for sure that what's written in the book have not happened. But we were every Sunday at dinners at the Palace, and that we were playing around the Palace was common knowledge among the employees of these years," says King Olav V's grandchild Benedikte Ferner about the chapters dealing with the Ferner children.

A Room at the Palace
Distribution: MISOLIMA Publishing
Pages: 340
Words: 97672
Characters: 523888
Author: Anne Selene
Topic Editor/Illustrator: MISOLIMA Publishing
Format: Printed paperback
Version: v.1.0r02
Published: May 2015
Issue: 1st
ISBN/EAN 978-616-374405-0


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