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Modular homes built on light steel frames


MISOLIMA eDream Homes and Offices are based on light gauge steel frame and are far more energy efficient compared to traditional concrete block or wood homes and are therefore also eco-friendly. Due to its characteristic, building with concrete blocks gives a relatively solid mass where heat easily transfers through the block or brick walls to the inside of the home or office. As a result, during the night the walls of concrete blocks or bricks would also radiates the heat collected during the day. We know from some clothing that air space is considered an excellent form of insulation and therefore in wood houses (not solid wood built) they use glass or stone wool as insulation to keep air between the inner and outer walls. Light gauge steel frame construction has much less mass than concrete block and much more air space within the wall significantly reducing the direct heat transfer.

Compared to wood, steel material is really consistent and will ensure straight walls and square corners, therefore the finishes of MISOLIMA eDream Home and Office is typically far cleaner than a home built with i.e. concrete block.

MISOLIMA modular eDream Home and Offices are based on steel frame and are therefore high-quality buildings. Our concept is built in just 15 days and by virtue of pre-made materials used and its characteristics and properties, our steel studs offer significant advantages to both home or office owners as well as builders.

Steel studs and joists are really strong, lightweight, and made from uniform-quality material. This eco-friendly construction virtually does away with the need for costly repairs and errors during constructions.

Build with your needs

The concept of MISOLIMA modular eDream Home and Offices are based on "build with your needs" where its easy to expand existing building by connecting via a bridge system that connects to the existing walls. The bridge in an indoor bridge suitable for office, eating or playground area for the kids. It can also act as a winter garden where it's possible to grow inn-door fruit and vegetables. Surrounded with double or triple glass, the bridge gives plenty of sunlight if needed but may also be ventilated to extract heat trough the open roof mechanism.

MISOLIMA eDream Home and Offices

Comes with DOLLx8 Home Automation and alarm system for modern living. High performance Home or Office with full computer control using embedded systems.

Inn and Out ports (I/O Ports)

eSherlock Home Automation comes with fast 3x8-bit I/O Ports with independent control. Each port can be set to automatic pulse down to 0.01s per channel. Such pulses can be used to i.e. connect to warning lights, signal horns or blinking lights for any applications like i.e. blinking christmaslights in the garden.


eSherlock has faster 18.432MHz Atmel microcontroller with Real Time Operating System (RTOS), 1/2 COM ports, Internal Compact Flash memory, DOLLx8 Network Protocol and more for additional functions in a system.

DOLLx8 network and communication protocol

MISOLIMA modular eDream Home and Offices uses light gauge steel framing, giving fire safety and perfect termite protection and our building structure doesn't contribute combustible material to feed a fire.

Termites, as well as some other harmful parasites, mice etc. can destroy a wood house in few years but because MISOLIMA eDream Home and Offices are built on steel frames it will basically stand for generations and are low-maintenance buildings.

Our steel frame can are designed to withstand wind and seismic loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. The strength and ductility of our steel frames meets the strongest wind and seismic rating in any building codes as steel joists and steel trusses can also achieve greater spans and strength.

Wood construction are today an environmental problem and a grate concern to wildlife habitats and are requiring selective cutting of timber. More importantly wood has numerous problems when used for construction in hot or humid countries such as in Scandinavia and other European countries. In these countries, unless all lumber is pressure treated the new home could be destroyed from the inside out due to termite infestation as well as if not dried enough or the constructions are conducted in rain or snow, mold will easily creating a serious environmental hazard for those living inside.