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MISOLIMA™ Publishing is part of our company group and represents our MISOLIMA brand

A few special exhibits have been prepared in collaboration with MISOLIMA:

MISOLIMA Online shows selected electronics sold by MISOLIMA. So far, we only focusing on these products shown. You can also look under books to find books about the DOLLx8 embedded network, or download PDF's using the Whitepapers link hereunder. This exhibit will also list new products as it's stocked by MISOLIMA.

Fast loading pages has more to do with just the looks, they give customers a good user experience in the form of short load times and the ability to surf from their mobile or tablet, even if they are browsing from a slow network, the webpage should load fairly fast. It turns out that a fairly quick-loading website allows users to visit multiple pages on the site than if the website loads more slowly. MISOLIMA is aming on designing websites that are fast to load, given the technologies behind may change depening on customers needs.

SD1500-64 LUMD Linux Desktop SD1500-64 LUDS Linux Server D6x eAmundsen GPS Tracker
Category: Desktop computer Category: Web Server Category: GPS
Input voltage: 110-220 Vdc Input power: 110-220 Vac Input voltage: 5 Vdc
Linux, Ubuntu, Mint pre-installed Linux, Ubuntu, Drupal Server pre-installed GPS: SiRF Star III 24 channels
MISOLIMA SD1500-64 LUMD is a pre-installed Linux desktop computer running on Linux and Ubuntu with Mint as Graphical User Interface (GUI). The computer is very compact and uses SSD for fast and noiseless environment. Pre-installed programs includes the latest version of Open Office. MISOLIMA SD1500-64 LUDS is a pre-installed Linux server running on Ubuntu Server and Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The server is very compact and uses SSD for fast and noiseless environment. M6x eAmundsen Tracker from MISOLIMA is a fairly new GPS-based tracking device capable of storing maximum 234.000 GPS records in its internal memory. Data can be downloaded using the FREE of charge eAmundsen M6x software where tracking data can be shown in the form or lines or point-by-point location data viewable in Google Earth, other map software or via our website.
(was €655) now €549 + postage (was €699.00) now €579.00 + postage (was €99.00) now €79.00 + postage

You may choose among these MISOLIMA Publishing books, and pay via PayPal and credit card, or send us an e-mail if you wish to pay locally into our bank accounts in Norway, Hungary or Thailand. The book prices shown, does not include postage.