DOLLx8 Made Live with eSherlock

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DOLLx8 Made Live with eSherlock
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You might have heard what our expert panel have had to say about this book, now see for your self how you can utilise the DOLLx8 command set for eSherlock 1800 Tx8. Are you as an entrepreneurs or programmer willing to innovate with DOLLx8 integration?

DOLLx8 MADE LIVE WITH eSHERLOCK is written in English, shows in great deals and details the integration of DOLLx8 Embedded Network functions and commands, which is an integral part of eSherlock 1800 TX8. The book is primarily intended for programmers who plan to write application software for eSherlock or Home Automation on PC's, Linux, Android, Apple iOS or other OS platforms. By using DOLLx8 MADE LIVE WITH eSHERLOCK, you get a good understanding on how DOLLx8 works, and how its standard features, as well as specific features, of MISOLIMA DOLLx8 for eSherlock are used and integrated between software and the hardware platform.

If you plan to write software product(s) for MISOLIMA eSherlock 1800 Tx8, this book is a "must have" guidebook. It deals with all the features for both standard and specific DOLLx8 eSherlock functions. This book is also part of what's included in our DOLLx8 Training Course. It provides a very good and deep insight into how DOLLx8 works via Wi-Fi, GSM, USB and Internet. Go to our e-commerce pages to purchase this book now. Payments are via PayPal given in several currencies, and it's about €14.20, packaging and postage included.

Distribution: MISOLIMA Publishing
Pages: 187
Words: 34754
Characters: 207217
Author: Anne Selene
Topic Editor/Illustrator: Anne Selene
Format: Printed hard cover
Version: v.1.0r03
Published: August 2012
DOLLx8 versjon: 3.20
Issue: 2nd
ISBN/EAN 978-616-305334-3


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