Desktop Relay Switch REL22

SKU: M3023442-022 Desktop Switch REL22

MISOLIMA Desktop Switch REL22

MISOLIMA™ Desktop Switch is a 220 Vac 5A relay unit with two 30 Vdc 2A relays

M3023442-022 DOLLx8 Desktop Switch REL22 relay, is a relay control unit with two 220Vac 5A and two 30Vdc 2A relays. It has 3-way relay control switch at the front, with ON/OFF and AUTO to control the relays ON or OFF manually, or AUTO via 5V TTL signals on dataport.

The dataport on DOLLx8 Desktop Switch REL22 has 4-bit 5V TTL input, one bit for each relay. There is several versions available of DOLLx8 Desktop Switch, where the most used version is this M3023442-022. The high-voltage relays are designed to draw max 5A each at 220Vac. In the AUTO position the control of the relays will come via the 4-bit TTL data port where 5Vdc will trig the relay and if put to ground, it would set the relay to rest position. The Voltage Output connector has both SET and REST position, so both can be used to i.e. open or close lights or what ever the relays function is.


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Dimensions: 105 mm × 90 mm × 40 mm