How does DOLLx8 work?


How does the DOLLx8 Databus System work?

DOLLx8 stands for Digital One Line Link. It's well known that as more a devices can do, you can also do more things with it. To help in your mission to implement digital functions and controls, check out how you can use DOLLx8 in your project(s). DOLLx8 is easy to program and has a lot of built-in digital control capabilities that revolutionize the way electronic devices at home, office, workplace or in vehicles are integrated and managed. As embedded system DOLLx8 Certified devices can be controlled via RS-232, USB or GSM with easy to use text messages.

All you need to get started is one or more DOLLx8 Certified devices that links to each other with standard PC network cable (UTP) with RJ-45 connectors. All is made easy because DOLLx8 Certified devices are able to connect, discover and communicate with each other over a DOLLx8 network – that again might connect to one or more PC's for I/O control. In fact more than one PC can share the control of the DOLLx8 Certified devices that might also carry Username and Password functions for security reasons.

Safety and security

MISOLIMA eDream Home and Offices comes with integrated an integrated GSM/Internet based security system that can keep the family safe and secure even when the unthinkable happens. In the case of burglary or fire the alarm unit receives the signal from sensors and initiate a coordinated response based on alarm given. The security system has also zone alarms that can be linked into one single system. The most amazing part is that no matter how many people lives or work where MISOLIMAS security system is installed, all of them can use the device to register when they came home or when they came to work, when they went to lunch or when they went home, all with their own personal pin number.

MISOLIMA security system can also be linked into a larger PC system where data from alarm keypad can be used to control endless devices, lights, switches etc. with the possibilities to log activities in home or office.

If the home has climate control system, in the case of fire, the system will also automatically turn it off so smoke doesn't spread throughout the building.

If installed exterior lights can also start flashing to alert neighbours etc.

The kitchen as a focus point

MISOLIMA eDream Home and Offices are idea-based, where we have a vision of a better family life, even for people without thick wallets. In Scandinavian countries, the home means a lot, and we will with our new eco-house concept packed with Home Automation ensure there is something for every family member and to fulfil their needs for then to transfer such knowledge to all countries where we sell MISOLIMA eDream Homes and Offices because our eco-houses are there for families and family connections.

With our concept, we will continue to learn from the Norwegians, Hungarians and Thais to being the kitchen as a focal point in the family by offering open kitchen solutions with more features that will be uses by people all over the world./h4>