Have you ever wondered why people become successful entrepreneurs? The professional and personal challenges can be overcome. There will always be high and lows, and it is not easy to predict if the future will bring failures or success.

Here we will go trough how you can become a successful MISOLIMA entrepreneur. No matter what entrepreneurial skills or visions you may have, to be an independent entrepreneur you must be able to cope with the hard times and understand that failure is a part of the process. Most new entrepreneurs will fail more than 80% of their time, and it's the remaining 20% you will survive on. However the good news is that working with a team with well developed products will reduce the 80% drastically, leaving more for your survival. These pages will guide you on how to become a MISOLIMA entrepreneur, but for now let us work on preparing these pages and information for you.

The Business Model Canvas

The MISOLIMA Business Model in 9 building blocks

Key Partners

Domestic Entrepreneur Partners
International Entrepreneur Partners
Physical Hobby and Electronics stores
On-line stores for electronics
Security stores
Construction companies
Other manufacturers of energy saving products

Key Activities

R&D services

Value Propositions

B2B model
B2C model
M2M model
Value added education
Energy saving
Product Platform
Customer revenue stream

Customer Relationship

Online support
YouTube channel
Social Media

Customer Segments

Electronics enthusiasts
Construction companies
Arduino users
Schools, Technical Colleges and Universities

Key Recources

Own IP
Registered trademarks
Membership databases
Fixed assets


On-line Stores
Physical stores (for Branding and Quality)
Entrepreneur Program
Cost Structure



B2C distribution


YouTube video production
Revenue Streams


Entrepreneur Partner Program

Online Store



Android Market, Apple Store and other markets


MISOLIMA is an organization and as an organisation, it will be built around an extended network of not only passionate enthusiast, but also skilled and empowered people around the world. Together we will build an technology bridge where each person or group will become a part of a global organization. Teams and local organizations will plan and executes training, education and events on exhibitions - all based on the MISOLIMA entrepreneur concept.

Our full-time team will provide not only ongoing support to each member or organisation, but will also follow up on entrepreneur planning processes, systems management, advice, problem solving, and more.

Organising a successful business structure requires a serious commitment of both time and energy. It will take a period of several months, and many hours of preparations before there will be a stable and sustainable outcome. As part of our MISOLIMA team, you are responsible for nearly all aspects of putting together a great business venture, where the main aspects of success is your finances, and how much you are willing to, or can afford to, put into this Stanford Entrepreneur venture. Even though, building a local team is important, you can also manage to work on your own if you got the right skills, and what it takes to full fill your part of the venture. Join our team an become one of the successful entrepeneurs.