MEP Rules

This page is to describe curtain rules for the MISOLIMA Entrepreneur Program (MEP). In fact the ONLY requirement to become a MISOLIMA Entrepreneur, is that you're 18 years of age or older. We treat everybody equally, no matter race, colour, religion, sex, national origin or disabilities. In our MEP, anybody can join as long as they fulfill our requirements, and follows these 6 simple rules.

Rule #1

You must have attended at least one MEP startup session, an event held and organised by prior approved MEP member(s) or MISOLIMA HQ. MEP startups can be individuals, organisations, companies, physical shops, or on-line stores. The only restriction is that you can't organise a new MEP startup session on behalf of others, or without being a MEP member yourself.

Rule #2

All MEP startups sessions must follow one or more of the the standard formats set by the MISOLIMA HQ. Each session(s) must be carried out by MEP members only. This is to ensure correct, standardised concept and version(s) of the specific MEP sessions are followed.

Rule #3

All MEP sessions must be open to the public, must be advertised and announced in local papers and on a dedicated webpage(s) in example for Putney and Fulham in London, Hotline: Putney & Fulham Magazine is a good option.

Rule #4

MEP members may not organise MEP session(s) without prior approvals from the MISOLIMA HQ. One reason for this, is that all products and standard materials used during the session(s) must be prepared forehand, and delivered to the organiser(s) by MISOLIMA HQ. All attendees to MEP session will be certified by MISOLIMA, that will prepare and send out diplomas directly from its HQ to all attendees. In cities and places where there exist Core Team Leader(s) (CTL's), MEP session(s) can be organised without the prior approvals from the MISOLIMA HQ, but must be recorded and held according to these rules.

Rule #5

Each individuals, organisation, company or shop that organise a MEP session, are fully responsible for all cost to facilitate such session(s). This also includes food and drinks for the attendees. Each MEP session must have an approved budget, based on each session held.

All monies from ticket sales, and sponsorships for a MEP session must go through MISOLIMA HQ, whereas founds received will be advanced back to the MEP session holder once the session has started. For all MISOLIMA products and materials used in a session(s), this will be delivered to the organiser(s) once payments from each attendee has been received, and no later than one week before the MEP session(s) will take place.

In most cases, the MEP sessions are self-financed, as the attendees will purchase tickets that includes the MISOLIMA products used in each session, food and all other costs. Rentals of premises, electricity etc. must be included in the charging fees. Any remaining profit from each session stays with the MISOLIMA HQ, and are shared 50/50 with the MEP member(s) that organizes such sessions.

Rule #6

In no circumstances can any MEP session be co-branded, and must be named according to how many times it has been arranged, followed by city, region and "MISOLIMA Entrepreneur Startup Program", followed by subject of the MEP session and date. For i.e. London and Putney, where the MEP session is "The power of Embedded Systems at Home" on the date 9th September 2017, the wording would be;

"10th London - Putney MISOLIMA Entrepreneur Startup Program - The power of Embedded Systems at Home - 9th September 2017"

In the event where the MEP session is held by universities, technical collages or schools, where the students are also less then 18 years of age, the session is no longer an "Entrepreneur Startup Program", but a "Junior Startup Program". In such case, the naming and branding must also follow same rules as above, but the name of the universitym collage or school must be used. In the case of London and Lambeth College, the branding and wording would be;

"1st London - Lambeth Collage MISOLIMA Junior Startup Program - The power of Embedded Systems at Home - 9th September 2017"

All MEP session(s) logos, banners, and other marketing materials will be supplied by MISOLIMA HQ, or one of its CTL's.