MISOLIMA eDream Homes

Today we can see that the majority residential and office construction is built with concrete block. MISOLIMA eDream Homes and Offices uses light gauge steel construction as compared to traditional brick or wood construction, steel construction is far superior for a multitude of good reasons.

MISOLIMA eDream Homes and Offices are based on light gauge steel frame and are far more energy efficient compared to traditional concrete block or wood homes and are therefore also eco-friendly. Due to its characteristic, building with concrete blocks gives a relatively solid mass where heat easily transfers through the block or brick walls to the inside of the home or office. As a result, during the night the walls of concrete blocks or bricks would also radiates the heat collected during the day. We know from some clothing that air space is considered an excellent form of insulation and therefore in wood houses (not solid wood built) they use glass or stone wool as insulation to keep air between the inner and outer walls. Light gauge steel frame construction has much less mass than concrete block and much more air space within the wall significantly reducing the direct heat transfer.

Compared to wood, steel material is really consistent and will ensure straight walls and square corners, therefore the finishes of MISOLIMA eDream Home and Office is typically far cleaner than a home built with i.e. concrete block.

MISOLIMA modular eDream Home and Offices are based on steel frame and are therefore high-quality buildings. Our concept is built in just 15 days and by virtue of pre-made materials used and its characteristics and properties, our steel studs offer significant advantages to both home or office owners as well as builders.

Steel studs and joists are really strong, lightweight, and made from uniform-quality material. This eco-friendly construction virtually does away with the need for costly repairs and errors during constructions.