MISOLIMA mini PC Case developments

Moonstone PC and Server

MISOLIMA mini PC Case developments

MoonStone smart PC case with space for electronics

This is more than just a small computer case. It has several spaces for electronic modules inside.


People like you and me has for a long time used large desktop computer cases. Large was cool, large was "powerful", right? Maybe it still is for some... However with smart phones, tablet PC and other devices, small has become cool, and small is turned into being powerful. Let's face it, electronics shrinks, power consumptions goes down and it gets more powerful at the same time, so does CPU's and motherboards as well. With the desktop PC coming back for full speed, also smaller and more intelligent computer cases is needed. This is where you, IndieGoGo and MoonStone comes in.

We want to design a computer case for you that is more than just a computer case. A computer case with space for invisible embedded smart electronics, a computer case you can "talk" to, connect to via smart phones, a computer case you can send SMS to and control via your app. This will be a scalable computer case that are designed and built for the future based on the new generation low-power and small size motherboards. We will build a group of products that all fits into the MoonStone PC case so you don't need to have cables and PCB's hanging around. Even if you're not using embedded systems today, with MoonStone, you will at least have the options to add embedded modules for communication, home automation, alarm systems, audio, GPS, GSM and so forth. If you love embedded systems such as DOLLx8, Arduino, Raspberry. XBee and other products, you will definitely love the MoonStone computer case. Best of all, it has built-in DC-DC 12V 150W power supply, so you can use this case, embedded with other electronics in your car, caravan, boat, bus or at your office, home, or lodge. You could easily run this of a solar cell system.

MoonStone computer case is at the same time large enough, and heavy enough so it does not tip over when all cables are connected.

Removable front panel

MoonStone computer case will have an easy to remove front panel. It will have good space and brackets to add your own PCB's and electronics. The advantage is that such embedded electronics are also able to draw power from the main power supply, as well as communicate directly with the motherboard via USB or RS-232.

Ever wondered about hosting your own server?

FIKO Software Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and has its offices located in Thailand. The company is approved by Thai Board of Investments and its developments are sponsored by National Innovation Agency. MISOLIMA is a registered trademark of FIKO Software.
In the late 1990's and early 2000, we had our own hosting company located at Level3 in London. At that time we run our servers at this 3rd party facility. Soon we realized that it was quite a hassle to do so. This was due to their working hours and we needed an appointment to get into their facilities. Beside that, it was not easy to get physical access to our servers during weekends. When the Internet connections became better, and broadband was introduced, we started to host our servers on our own, at our own premises, which is at one of our own offices.

Before, we used expensive DELL PowerApp servers, costing us £5000+ each, including Windows Advanced Server and ColdFusion Server. Also the space and hosting was very expensive. As the time went on, we started to look into Linux, and when it was time to change the servers from Windows to Linux, we found out that we would instead use our know-how and start building our own servers. The old DELL PowerApp was heavy 1U servers and very noisy to use in an office environment. With new technologies, we looked into suitable fan-less systems and the use of ITX form-factor for motherboards. We ended up with a motherboard with Intel Atom CPU, 4Gb RAM, SSD storage and other features suitable for SMS's, Schools, offices or for those that would like to host a web server at home.

The MISOLIMA MoonStone SD2500-64 LUDS Web Server can also be access remotely via Windows computer using Remote Desktop Connections. The web server are pre-installed and enabled for remote management. This image shows a Windows desktop PC with Linux server via Remote Desktop Connection using the XRDP software on the server. You will access the server with your own secure user name and password.

As we know, most companies are continuously changing their products and designs, so we at MISOLIMA thought that we would come up with a technically advances mini computer case that could fit for both web server as well as desktop PC. This case would include options to fit other computer electronics, like electronics for audio, control or home automation.

As we all know, planning and tooling is expensive, so we thought we would go for crowd funding as an option to raise funds for our planning, design and tooling. The end result will be a computer case for the future that would not only be able to act as a PC or Server, but also has both space, power and options for adding additional electronics to it.

Download this PDF to read more about the full features for MoonStone web server and Linux desktop PC with Ubuntu and Mint.