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MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park (MSTP)

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The local children school

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We welcome you to MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park (MSTP), the web site of Thailand's first foreignly and privately owned Software and Technology Park developments located in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. MSTP are aiming on social developments for this local community.

Thanks to many initiative takers in the northern region, Thailand is now emerging as a Software and Technology developing country. Part of MSTP for 2015 and onwards, is to establish manufacturing of MISOLIMA Home and Offices, which is MISOLIMA's 2nd Thai Board of Investments (BOI) approvals, and will consist of manufacturing modular housing using low-cost light steel gauge frames.

The local children school

MISOLIMA was awarded Certificate of Achievement from the World Bank for pioneering the empowerment of rural citizens through information communication and technology developments. Part of our work is to teach children, assisting disadvantaged youths and woman, to learn how to utilise Internet and e-commerce, as well to learn languages to reach new markets for their locally handmade products, flowers and other agricultural products. This venture will be based on co-operative structure, where the co-operative board consist of 15 members from the San Sai district, and their main offices will be at MSTP.

Phase one of our project is now named "IT Norway 4 Thailand", where the aim is to build enough infrastructure at MSTP to facilitate IT training classes for children, youths and woman. The project will start early 2015, and will be first of its kind in northern Thailand.

It's a known fact that not all children and adults in the world have the same opportunities. In some countries, such as in Norway, people have mostly everything they need, and they have the rights to free government education with good introduction into the use of ICT. But in many other countries children and adolescents have far fewer opportunities, and they also have far fewer resources to spend. Thailand is one of them.

MISOLIMA wants to make a difference by helping children and youth in rural areas in Thailand by giving them insight into Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The project has received moral support from the World Bank, got moral support from several former Thai ministers, has been approved by Thai Board of Investment (BOI) twice, and has also received development grants from the National Innovation Agency (NIA) in Thailand (same as Innovation Norway).

This ICT project for children and youth, started by MISOLIMA, is named "IT NORWAY 4 THAILAND" and goes under the concept of "MISOLIMA Entrepreneur Sessions (MEP's)," a project and program that was done in collaboration with professors from Stanford University in the US.

The IT NORWAY 4 THAILAND project is located halfway between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in a town called Phrao. Translated into English, the city name is Coconut. The countryside where this Norwegian ICT project takes place has approximately 3500 inhabitants, and is situated in a true valley surrounded by big beautiful mountains. There is a school there, but it's built of old planks that were moved from another school that was demolished earlier. Children and adolescents here, have generally no opportunity to learn the use of either ICT nor the Internet, much because of lack of funds. We will gladly do something about this, and this is where we need your support.

With your support, IT NORWAY 4 THAILAND will offer free Internet access, ICT training and access to web servers. Instruction will be provided by Thais with background within ICT.

This project is now added to crowdfunding in Norway, where funds raised will go to the refurbishment of a brand new classrooms, purchase of computers, Internet connection and free Wi-Fi. Till now we have both building and some furniture and equipment ready.


New progress:

"IT-Norway 4 Thailand" is a project initiated by MISOLIMA to give free training classes to children, teenagers and woman living in the northern region of Ampoe Phrao. The project is a collaboration project with Norway.

"Chiang Mai Creative City" or CMCC is the latest developments in the front of realising Chiang Mai to become an IT hub in the north. The initiative takers to CMCC was the US Embassy in Bangkok together with the US Consulate in Chiang Mai.


• Creative developments of the northern region.
• R&D and education on embedded technologies
• Lab for environment testing of electronics
• Training classes in software and embedded systems developments.
• Training in Android software developments and connections to external electronics.

Main building: 1600 m2 / Small building: 60m2 / Land area: 11400 m2. Download our PDF document:

This is what the Thai Government said about MSTP and its potentials;

"MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park (MSTP) is a private project that makes it good and interesting for our people. The Government according to the Government Policies supports this project and the Thai government wants to develop Thailand to become a leader within ICT. This project can support and develop Thai people to become smarter as e-Society and e-Thailand. We want MSTP to be successful and famous in Thailand."

Dr Suwit Khunkitti

former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

"I hope your business, MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park can progress and become successful. We, the Government like to support it and if you have any problems please come and see me at Ministry of Science and Technology."

Dr. Phinij Jarusombat

former Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand

"Information and Communication Technology Ministerial are supporting that Chiang Mai will become the ICT City and I believe MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park will become important and joint together in this project."

Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee

former Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand


Development team

Some of our embedded developments: eSherlock GSM central for Home Automation and GSM alarm system.

From the land of frost, to the land of smile

The first fillings of the land

Preparing for the steel used in the footings

The holes for the footings is done

The steel for the posts are made and footings filled with concrete

The open space between the ground beams are filled with soil and stones

The filling is compact and flattened

The first corner section is being built

More of the ground floor is being built

Windows are taking shape

One of the workers having a brake

Plastering of the walls being done

Outside brickwork being done together with the main entry

Preparing outside plastering

Working on the 2nd floor

This section will become FELIX Restaurant

Inside FELIX Restaurant

Reception area with stairs up to 2nd floor and a meeting room

Preparing for the 2nd floor

Plastering the front walls

Front of the building finished plastered

Backside of the building before plastering

Entry from the main gate

MSTP seen from a distance

2nd floor

Right corner of the building with the main entrance

Building the small side building

FELIX Restaurant completed

Front fencing and gates completed

Reseption part one

Reseption part two

Preparations of the class room

The kitchen