Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This is the MISOLIMA Privacy policy page

This MISOLIMA website and ONLINE Store is managed by MISOLIMA.

MISOLIMA Privacy Policy

We are at any time committed to safeguarding your privacy while using our online services. Please read the following policy to understand how your personal information will be treated by us when you use or register on this MISOLIMA website.

What information does MISOLIMA collect of me during my visit?

MISOLIMA collects information in several ways depending on what you do; During registration or online purchasing, we might gather some personal information like asking for your user name, password, your name, telephone number, fax number, email address, company name, address, company information (if available) and perhaps job function, purchasing influence, number of employees in your company (if applicable), your primary product interest, and how you heard about the site. Your contact details are needed so we know whereto deliver your ordered products. It is important that we get this information right. However if you use the direct Buy Now link, you don't need to register with us, as the name and address stored at PayPal will be used instead.

We normally don't use cookies on this site, but we do uses server sessions when you log in. We may also record some other details of how you use the site, what pages you visited, how long you looked at the page, products you searched for and what information or files you downloaded etc. You can see your own visited pages on the bottom of the page. You can use this as a fast menu to move back and forwards among visited pages.

If you did access our site following a search engine or as a link from another website, we may also record the search string you undertook, and how it relates to your use of this site.

We may also keep copies of information you submit to us when you send email feedback to the site or ask technical question or in general use any feedback forms. If you contact any of the company group members in writing, we may also keep that correspondence as part of your data.

What does MISOLIMA do to protect your personal data collected?

This MISOLIMA website, and our internal procedures how to handle personal data has been specifically designed with security in mind. Part of these measurements is to remove data-collection databases from the web server on monthly basis, and in order to ensure security and protection of your personal details, We use i.e. PayPal for credit card information via their 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. All credit card data are therefore stored with PayPal, and not with us. All other data is stored off-line and held in password protected encrypted format, stored at a limited time at our technology park facilities before it's destroyed.

Your e-mail address will be only used by MISOLIMA, and we would never give this to any 3rd parties.

You may change your personal details at any time from within the member pages.If you have forgotten your password, or have any other problems accessing the site, please contact MISOLIMA via e-mail by using the online e-mail form found under "Contact us";