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Q-SAMA Optimal I crowdfunding is based on a fundraising for the development of this audio device

Q-SAMA Optimal I is a 4x4 channels dual processor audio system for home, office, vehicle, aircraft or boats. It has audio management, booster, relay and sensor control.

Q-SAMA or Quad Stereo Amplifier for Multimedia Applications has been around since the early 90's. It started out in Hungary before it went on to New Zealand in the late 90's. Originally the Q-SAMA did sell more than 42000 units in its first ISA-card version for PC's together with its Audio Twister software, first developed for Windows 3.1 and 95. During the early days of Internet, Audio Twister was downloaded more than 500000 times. See our history page at MISOLIMA History

Today, and more than 20 years later, the Q-SAMA is no longer what it used to be. In fact what's still the same as in 1990's is just the idea, Know-How and the name. With today’s technologies we have totally redesigned and changed the architecture of the device. We added new and better functionalities, it got DOLLx8 or Digital One Line Link version 3.20 embedded network capabilities and finally a capacitive touch system in case the Wi-Fi is not used.

Most important is that Q-SAMA Optimal I is made for you and because you love music and your portable device, we integrated both for you. To make it even more interesting, we even added Windows 8 touch screen software trough Audio Twister Optimal I. This means you can run the same look and feel software on any portable device and unnumbered Q-SAMA devices, no matter if it on Windows 8 for desktop, Apple OS, Linux or Android. It does not end here, because you can now even add Q-SAMA Optimal I functionality to become part of your Arduino project. You can get our book on how to integrate Q-SAMA Optimal I to any software project, or just use these functions via your mobile phone. It's as simple as that. The book contains all command sets and if you're developing software under Windows, we even provide early-birds with our DLL containing our API.

The Q-SAMA Optimal I system uses Wi-Fi or USB as communication, but USB is optional and intended for use as a monitor interface for data flow, debugging and control.

Q-SAMA Optimal I has many key features, but best of all is the DOLLx8 Databus enables you to use Q-SAMA Optima I to connect and share data with other DOLLx8-based devises. This can be done via Wi-Fi or USB and standard 8 wire RJ-45 UTP network cable. Each device in a DOLLx8 Embedded Network has its own unique DeviceID, and can therefore also be controlled independently.

* 4x Stereo inputs - MP3, Radio, GSM, DVD etc.
* 2x Stereo outputs - for Front and Rear stereo.
* Selectable gain - for optimal adaptation to different input sources.
* Volume, treble and bass control - allowing 31 steps for volume and 15 steps for treble and bass.
* 4x independent speaker control - includes fade and mute with one touch 3D positioning control from software.
* DOLLx8 Embedded Network - all functions are programmable via DOLLx8 or Digital One Line Link, and its command set.
* Wi-Fi and USB communication - Q-SAMA has 802.11b/g Wi-Fi while USB 2.0 communication comes as option.
* Compatible with any OS - Q-SAMA Optimal I is programmable from any OS like all Windows versions, Linux, Android, iOS and Arduino.
* Integrated switching power supply. - integrated DC-DC Switch-mode Power Supply from 12 to 28V DC input.
* 4x1-bit I/O ports - usable for relay and switches.
* 2x10-bit ADC - Analogue to Digital Converter. - usable for censor measurement control of temperature, humidity, light, pressure, voltage, ampere etc.
* 1x Audio Booster ON/OFF control - this function controls any booster ON/OFF via sensors
* eSens Me2 panel - this panel is a capacitive touch panel for changing Audio Channels, controlling Volume, Treble, Bass, Fade and Mute.
* LED Status indication - the LED's shows status for Audio Channels, Volume, Treble, Bass, Fade and Mute.
* Buzzer - the buzzer is used for audible functions and to identify the device and/or communication
* ON/OFF switch
* Thickness only 0.315 inches (8mm)

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