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A Room at the Palace crowdfunding is based on a fund raising to make a film based on a book with the same tittle

A Room at the Palace - The Movie

A Room at the Palace is a crowdfunding project to filmatise the book with the same title (Norwegian Original title is Residens Drammensveien 1). Filmatisation will take place in both Norway, UK and at a palace in Hungary. More coming up today!

Listen from the book online by click play hereunder. Actors role list can be found HERE

How often does it happen that someone is trying something they might think is impossible? So it is the case with the story that unfolds in the book titled "A Room at the Palace". This book is about something you currently do not have the chance to experience. We get to read about a teenager from the city of Moss in Norway, that are traveling to the capital of Oslo and the Palace to seek employment. Almost like a modern Ash Lad fairytale story that knows lucky in life plays a greater role than what you initially would imagination. The teenager from Moss is allowed to move and live at the Palace, and what happening from there on forms the basis for this book, and being planned filmatised by MISOLIMA FILMS and STUDIOS, where its actions and many amazing Palace stories are to be seen on the cinemas and DVD by end of 2017.

It's the late Court Marshal Smith-Kielland that are in charge at the Palace in Oslo, and provides the teen from Moss with a key to a cozy, spacious room on the main floor of the Palace, with views over the Palace Square and Queen's Park. With access ID in pure silver in the pocket, Drammens Road 1 becomes both the late King Olav V of Norway and the 17-year-old's permanent residence. To get to stay in a Palace with 170 rooms with the King, smack in the middle of Oslo's busiest center, is a huge leap from living in a small apartment building with mother, father and brothers on the island of Jeløya in Moss.

Anyone who will read the book or watch the movie, will realize that the soon authoritative teen gets a very unique life experience by staying at the Palace. Here the author of the book gets to meet the grandchildren of the King, and all others in the royal family of course. The meeting with King Olav V himself, and many prominent guests and royals from UK and elsewhere who came to the Palace are very special. The experience that the King himself did watch the newcomer, and they can soon talk together, and that King Olav V was originally interested in hearing about the teens upbringing, and about the Hungarian parents' escape from Hungary in 1956, is memories of a lifetime and incredibly huge experience. The movie will be fun, it's filled with romance and is a family movie that gives a "feel-good" feeling for both Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, British, French and everyone else that love to watch such movies.

The book and the movie has fun memories from both Kongssetra, the royal winter holiday place near Holmekollen ski jump in Oslo and their summer holiday place at the beautiful Bygdøy island at the outskirts of Oslo. We will meet late Queen Maud's old ladies in waiting Miss Cooper and Miss Wand that lived at the Palace for most of their life. The 17-year-old becomes good friends with these Misses, and in fact they gets like two lovely and extremely funny aunts. They sat on a plethora of enjoyable memories of Queen Maud and King Olav childhood times, that they was happy to share with their new friend at the Palace. Many everyday memories we share in the book and the movie. Here we just mentioning the loan of the King Olav V's Cadillac with driver. How many can tell such true stories from the Palace in Oslo today?

A Room at the Palace is easy to read, and penned by author Anne Selene. It is a book that should be read from A to Z, from chapter one to the end. If you want to wait for the movie, then you should not read the book first. The Norwegian version is well liked by those who have read it. Photographer Gro Kårsmoli from the city of Moss in Norway writes: "The book was very good, a lot I did not know from before, and fun that it took things from Refsnes that I found entraining. I enjoyed reading everything, thought the stories was nicely put together. So all praise for the book!!». Journalist Torgeir Snilsberg at the newspaper Moss Avis writes: "A real Feel-Good Book!". "I will not say for sure that what's written in the book has not happened. But we were at Sunday dinners at the Palace every Sunday, and that we were playing around the Palace was common knowledge among the employees of these years," says King Olav V's grandchild Benedikte Ferner about chapters concerning the Ferner children.

So the news for today is that the lovable and undeniably good looking team from MISOLIMA FILMS is preparing for their first ever full feature length movie, A Room at the Palace. That's right, MISOLIMA Publishing behind one of the best true story books in Norway named "Residens Drammensveien 1" and with the English title "A Room at the Palace", are seeing new potentials. The MISOLIMA registered brand, will grow bigger and better than ever before with this first full length cinema production.

Even though we're ready to make this huge step forward, we still rely on your help to make it happen! Funds raised from MISOLIMA will be used for:

  • Cast and crew. We will be casting talents from both Norway and UK, and recruiting some great people for audio, visual effects and behind the camera as well. The more money we raise, as better and bigger the project becomes. In this way we can also attract more talents in the field of movie making.
  • With shooting at two locations, one in Oslo and the other in London and its outskirts, with more money we can rent and add better locations for our shoot days. Money will be used to haul all those cast, crew and what's needed to these locations. Especially London and UK got some really good locations for shooting film in the right environment.
  • The shooting will be done using professional cinematic camera and equipment. However, there will be some spending needed on additional equipment needed for this production. So your funding help will ensure that we can deliver the best fun and enjoyable family movie possible.
  • The most of the original voice recording will be done in Norwegian language, but "A Room at the Palace" will be in all English. The soundtrack will be based on original British voices.
  • There will be a good deal of songwriting, and the songs will be reflecting the 70's and 80's disko hits of this era. The funding will also support this songwriting.
  • Please note that funding "A Room at the Palace" is based on the English version of the movie only. The main film funding is done on the original Norwegian version of the movie, with the exemptions of the shooting, music recordings and studio work done in London and/or Chiang Mai in Thailand.

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    This fundrasing campaign started on November 1st 2016 and will close on July 30th, 2017

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