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D6x eAmundsen GPS Tracker SD2500-64xx Linux Server MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park
Category: GPS Category: Server Category: Real Estate
Input voltage: 5 Vdc Input power: 110-220 Vac  
GPS: SiRF Star III 24 channels Linux, Ubuntu, Drupal Server pre-installed English
M6x eAmundsen Tracker from MISOLIMA is a fairly new GPS-based tracking device capable of storing maximum 234.000 GPS records in its internal memory. Data can be downloaded using the FREE of charge eAmundsen M6x software where tracking data can be shown in the form or lines or point-by-point location data viewable in Google Earth, other map software or via our www.misolima.com website. MISOLIMA SD2500-64xx is a pre-installed Linux server running on Ubuntu Server and Drupal Content Management System (CMS). The server is very compact and uses SSD for fast and noiseless environment. MISOLIMA Software and Technology Park developments is aimed on sub-urban development in Northern Thailand. The project is approved by Thai Board of Investment (BOI), has moral support and diploma from the World Bank in Bangkok, and got government grant from National Innovation Agency (NIA) in Thailand.
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eGSM Q4-1800 MISOLIMA eDream Homes MISOLIMA eSherlock Tx8
Category: GSM Category: Housing Category: Home Automatiom
Input voltage: 5 Vdc House type: LSF With alarm, entry system and emergency calls
GSM: Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Modular homes Embedded alarm system
MISOLIMA eGSM Q4-1800 is a quad-band GSM module to connect with M2M applications, AVL, GSM alarms or remote data management etc. MISOLIMA eGSM Q4-1800 GSM is a complete GSM module used in GSM alarm systems, tracking devices or other GSM systems that are requiring GSM communication to i.e. web server, embedded systems or PC applications. MISOLIMA eDream Homes are based on modular housing with LSF frame structure. Each module are 4x4m or 2x4m. The size of the modules depends on the size of boards and plasterboards used. These modules can be joined, not only on the four sides, but also on top and bottom to make several floors. MISOLIMA eSherlock Tx8 is a compact embedded home automation system, with integrated alarm, entry system and computer controlled user functions. The unit has integrated relay, buzzer and microphone. With the eGSM Q4-1800 module inserted, the device will also act as a mobile phone, where any number can be dialed from the keypad, or incommoding calls answered.
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