eSherlock 1800 Tx8 New

eSherlock 1800Tx8

Home Automation device for home security
MISOLIMA eSherlock 1800Tx8 is a self contained DOLLx8 Home Automation system with DOLLx8 Embedded Network, GSM alarm and entry recording system that may be used for record arrival and end of working time.

High performance GSM alarm system

eSherlock 1800 Tx8 is a sophisticated GSM system that has not only home and office alarm system integrated but also DOLLx8 Embedded Network for Home Automation that enabled LED light control in RGB&W or Red, Green, Blue plus White as well es relay or triac control together with temperature, light and other sensors to fulfill a complete control system. The eSherlock command set can be controlled via GSM, wireless, via USB or COM-port or via other means of communication such as via Internet. eSherlock has integrated Internet of Things or IoT that allows DOLLx8 devices to have a unique ID with a combination of more than 28 billion combinations based on Country, Manufacturer, Product and User ID.


• SAGEM Quad-band GSM
• Masterphone functions (owner)
• DOLLx8 Embedded Network interface
• PC and Device port
• 3x I/O ports with Make or Brake
• 2x 10-bit ADC for measurements
• 4 function keys
• 12 phone or command keys
• 4 emergency keys to police, fire, ambulance or owner via GSM. Can be set by user.
• Internal buzzer
• Two internal vandal switches
• 1x Power relay (110/220vAc) max 5A
• 1x low-power DC relay max 3A
• Internal Ni-Ion battery for GSM
• External 3.5mm jacks for ear- and microphone
• 20x2 character LCD display
• Confirm and Cancel key
• eSence Me2 touch panel
• SpyCall function (listen to what's said)
• DC-DC switch mode power supply
• LED backlight for display and keys
• LED indication of I/O ports, alarm, battery and incoming calls
• Front panel only 1.6mm (in wall mounting or 30mm if mounted in our outside wall box)
• 141x91mm (front panel) or 159x109mm in external wall mounting frame.

Connects to magnetic sensor, smoke alarm, PIR, panic buttons with output to siren, lights, SMS, PC, Internet etc.

eSherlock control system

The eSherlock 1800 Tx8 has built-in DOLLx8 command set where commands can be set directly from the eSens Me2 touch panel using the 12 command keys. Each function has a set of codes to be followed ranging from dialing phone numbers, reading SMS, controlling lights or checking i.e. temperature. The same keys are also used to set parameters like new users, passwords etc.

As an entry system at a workplace, the same keys can be used to record when the workers comes to work, when they go to lunch and when they go home. Each worker is then given its own PIN that will be sent to a computer system via DOLLx8 data bus. The data will then be recorded and used in i.e. payment system or for statistics.

By connecting other MISOLIMA or DOLLx8 protocol compatible devices to the system, it can be extended to even more functions like controlling audio via the quad stereo multi/room system MISOLIMA Q-SAMA MiRAS XT44.

The system can also open or lock door using magnetic locks or controlling LED light using i.e. MISOLIMA eSinclair PWM4-RGBW.

Use eSherlock 1800 Tx8 in caravan

The use of eSherlock 1800 Tx8 GSM system in caravans or motor homes as alarm and control system offers the advantage of protection when neither mains power nor a land line are available making it an ideal system when traveling or when the caravans or motor homes are stored. MISOLIMA offers also intelligent battery charger for the system based on DOLLx8 communication charging from solar cells and/or wind power.

The system has DC/DC switch mode power supply integrated and simply run off any 110/240Volt AC adapter or direct from your 12/24 Volt caravan battery.

With the facility of up to 3 inputs/outputs and 2 ADC's (Analogue to Digital Converters), the alarm can inform by SMS text of activation of each wired sensor.

The additional 110/220V relay output allows control of heating, lighting and more via additional MISOLIMA DOLLx8 devices to control relays, triac's and MISOLIMA LED Ligths (RGB&W which is Red, Green, Blue and White) where you can not only mix any colour but also control the strength of each individual light.

You might imagine how good it would be to use your phone to manage the heater and arrive to your caravan with the heating on and not having to wait for it to warm up after you arrived? or control all electricity from a center point or via your SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 phone?

As an clever intruder alarm, the siren will make sure the caravan gets attention as in the same time you get alert on you mobile phone about the alarm and its status. You can also make an silent alarm that gives the opportunity to catch intruders in the act.

The system uses GSM technology and by adding our GPS receiver, you can even track the caravan on Google Earth at any time from anywhere.