eSherlock 1800 Tx8 Home Automation and GSM Alarm

SKU: M3018024-001 eSherlock 1800 Tx8 WHITE

MISOLIMA Quad-band GSM module

MISOLIMA™ Quad-band GSM module is based on SAGEM GSM

M3018024-001 eSherlock 1800 Tx8 WHITE Home Automation and GSM alarm system with DOLLx8 embedded network.

MISOLIMA eSherlock 1800 Tx8 is an combined Home Automation and alarm system and is part of a broader DOLLx8 concept. MISOLIMA eSherlock 1800Tx8 WHITE is a self contained DOLLx8 Home Automation system with MISOLIMA's DOLLx8 Embedded Network, GSM alarm and entry recording system that may be used for record arrival and end of working time


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Price: €187.00
Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 160 mm × 30 mm × 130 mm



I just purchased one of these, and it works really well.

Al Lofman

And I see now that this uses the new version of DOLLx8. I like it.

Well, we need to know more information

Hello, this is good alarm system, possibly for commercial usage. For home, residence, I would like to use gsm alarm with stylish design. It mentioned about the home automation, but I can't see whether it supports Z-wave, Zigbee technologies.